There’s Something to be Said About Working With a Packaging and Label Printer With Decades of Experience in the Complex, Fast-Paced Label Manufacturing Market

I’ve heard this time and time again: “Rosalyn, I need to buy directly from a manufacturer so I can save money and get the best price.” On the surface that makes sense, but look closer and you’ll see why relying on the manufacturer alone to print your labels is a colossal mistake – and it’s what sets the startups apart from the big guys.

No single company can deliver everything a customer needs. Manufacturers might have you fooled into thinking they can but behind-the-scenes, they outsource to second-tier vendors who can’t give you the quality you need to compete, the consistency to build your brand, or the consultations you need to get on the shelves of the biggest retailers.

It’s a hard, costly lesson to learn and the number one reason why I founded The Label Link.

After working in the label printing industry for decades, I saw disappointment wash over one too many faces. It was then that I knew it was time for a change.

Today, I am proud to own and operate a company that works exclusively with the best of the best label and packaging suppliers. The end result? I built a close, long-lasting relationship with our clients while saving them money, forging dependable connections, and delivering a hands-on, streamlined process complete with creative solutions.

The Label Link Difference
starts with our streamlined process

Flexible Approach

We always start by understanding your objectives. Then, we use our flexible approach to help you achieve the look and feel, functionality, and timeframe you want for your labeling project.

By selecting the best manufacturer for your project - one that has the right equipment and can meet your deadline - we'll be able to avoid costly missteps and provide you with labels how you want them, when you want them.

Long-Lasting Relationships

We've spent years building relationships with experts in the label design and manufacturing industry and forging long-lasting partnerships with these providers. Now, it's time to forge that same long-lasting relationship with you.

As you work with The Label Link, we'll get to know your unique challenges and meet them with solutions that can only be learned through our decades of experience. We'll advise you on the market trends and developments, so you're always in the know. And, you'll work directly with Rosalyn who will oversee your project with her quality group of providers, so you can ensure your brand stays consistently on track across your printed line.

Dependable Expertise

What happens when something goes wrong? Who do you turn to when your colors aren't on brand, or the label stock lifts but you don't know why? If you're not working with someone knowledgeable and responsive, you could waste thousands of dollars and damage your brand. It's not worth the risk.

We take pride in being a dependable resource for you from the guidance offered on our first consultation to the final batch of labeled product on store shelves. It's all about meeting and beating your needs with outcomes you can count on.

Meet Rosalyn

I’ve been in the labeling industry for nearly 30 years. At the start of my career, I worked with Avery Dennison for nine years making material recommendations and troubleshooting application issues for various label manufacturers in many industries including food and beverage products. Since founding The Label Link, I’ve worked with major brands that can be found at retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Target.

My husband, our two children, and our pets (a nutty Boxer mix and a cockatiel) make our home in Southern California. I enjoy traveling, dining, and reading. I’m active in my church’s marriage ministry and am a health and nutrition enthusiast. I’m a bit of a techie geek that loves to learn new things.

I’m glad you’ve made your way to The Label Link, and I look forward to offering you outstanding service on your next food or beverage label project.

It’s Your Turn to Tell Us About Your Food and Beverage Labeling Needs

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