Simplifying Flexible Packaging and Labeling for Food & Beverage Brands

You have a lot to juggle as a food & beverage brand. From supply chain strains to ensuring your products look their best while on the shelves, you’re managing a lot. Let us take one worry off your plate with label and flexible packaging consultations and execution.

For food & beverage brands with 15 - 250 SKUs.

Experts at designing consistent branding and flexible packaging.

Masters of fast communication and swift action to get your products on the shelves.

The Food & Beverage Industry Comes With Unique Challenges:

  • Inconsistency across your packaging can send the wrong signal to the consumer that a product is old or expired
  • Hot, cold, or even wet products can cause your packaging to fail, leaving you wondering what option is best for you to use.
  • Margins are narrow and to get costs down, suppliers want you to buy in volume but you don’t have a solid way to accurately predict the quantities that will sell for each SKU.
  • Because you’re required to buy even quantities of SKUs, even though each of your products sell at unique rates, your inventories are thrown off

The Labels & Packaging You Use for Your Food & Beverage Brand Are Critical to Attracting Buyers and Retaining Customers — and We Can Help!

We Think We Can Make Labeling and Packaging a Little Easier

Design a Consistent Product Line

When colors are inconsistent across your product line, you’re sending the wrong signal to the market. Although your products might not be expired, your buyers might think they are, causing them to pick up a competitor’s product instead. Our expertise enables you to create a consistent product line, showing the market that your products are fresh and worthy of being picked off the shelves.

No-Stress Packaging Solutions

Our flexible packaging is hard to beat. From pouches for snacks, powder-filled stick packs, or packets for almond butter and more, we’re experts in helping you identify the right type of flexible packaging for your unique needs. We’ll meet with you to discuss your product line and give you a personalized list of which packages will best align with your brand and create a cohesive look across all SKUs.

From Start to Finish, We’re Here

We get it. It can all be so overwhelming! Lead times can vary by component, yet the pressure to have your finished goods to a grocery or big-box retailer doesn’t wane. We help you stay on time by managing our supply chain efficiently, helping you avoid getting sent to the back of the filling line. We know how costly it can be for delays — especially if your product line has perishables — so we work hard to eliminate the burden of packaging delays.

What is The Label Link?

The Label Link is a label and flexible packaging company that gets it. We’ve worked with many food & beverage companies who have their products on shelves in big-box retailers and grocery stores. We know the importance of running a tight ship, the strains of a misaligned supply chain, and the cost of delays. We’ve also seen the heartache of packaging gone wrong and work hard to offer high-quality, affordable flexible packaging that’ll keep your brand looking its best across all of your SKUs. 

Here’s What We Manufacture

Custom Labels

Your packaging must showcase how your brand meets the latest consumer needs. From shifting the verbiage on your labels to finding labels that will hold up no matter how much moisture, heat, or cold they endure, we’re here to get to know your unique needs and then create the best custom labels possible without impeding on your supply chain demands.

Flexible Packaging

Each one of your SKUs requires a different product. Yet all of your products most look aligned and consistent. From sachets to stick packs, and so much more, our expertise in flexible packaging allows you to put all of your food & beverage products inside the appropriate style of packaging for the product you’re delivering.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are not an easy material to work with. Still, they’re a popular choice among food & beverage brands because of their effective application on asymmetrical packages and ability to maximize real estate on the labels and package. We’re experienced in getting this style of packaging to sit just right so that you can be confident with the product you put on the shelves.

How it Works


Discovery Call

The first thing that must happen in order for us to give you the most customized recommendations is a discovery call. We’ll walk through all of your SKUs and learn more about your unique needs for your food & beverage brand.


Samples + Reviews

Following our call, you’ll receive samples and reviews. This will allow you to visualize what your product line could look like on store shelves and see what your customer will see when you choose The Label Link. 


Create a Customized Plan

We know how strenuous the supply chain can feel. When you work with us, we’ll create a customized plan to minimize the risks of delays and keep you at the front of the filling line.

Meet Rosalyn, Founder of The Label Link

After nearly 30 years in the labeling industry, it’s safe to say I have a keen eye for what it takes to recommend materials, troubleshoot application issues, and help brands build consistent aesthetics across numerous SKUs. Since founding The Label Link, I’ve helped major manufacturers who distribute their products in major retailers including Costco, Walmart, and Target.

Today, I strive to work with purposeful brands who operate out of ethos to deliver products that align with their customer’s and core values.