Stand Out Labels & Flexible Packaging for Personal Care Brands

With all the regulatory copy and shifting market demands, it’s safe to say the personal care market is highly unique. When it comes to your packaging, we can help you navigate these frequent shifts and keep your brand’s labels and packaging looking clean, crisp, and consistent.

Our sweet spot is personal care brands with 15 - 250 SKUs

We’re experts at quality custom printing of color matches, specialty coatings, and textured labeling

Uniquely skilled in flexible packaging for hard-to-label products

Having a Brand in the Personal Care Industry Means:

  • You’re operating under tremendous pressure to meet launch dates
  • You’re up against unique challenges when it comes to special shape containers
  • You must consistently meet regulatory copy requirements — even with little to no room on the package
  • You’re torn between wanting sustainable packaging and the cost to make the switch
  • You need packaging that will withstand water, heat, cold, and other elements without eroding through shipping and usage

No matter which strikes a chord with you, we can help!

Achieving the Right Look and Feel to Best Honor Your Brand is Paramount & We’re the Expert Team to Help!

On-Point Branding

Without question, your colors must be on point across your brand. While you know that’s necessary, making it happen across all your SKUs can be a challenge, to say the least. We’re experts in creating on-point brand packaging that looks consistent across every package in your product line, ensuring every element, such as pump tops, perfectly matches the others, such as the graphics on your labels.

Flexible Packaging

In the personal care market, we know that certain types of products can indirectly lead to tarnished labels and packaging. For example, fragrances can cause leakage as it corrodes through the film. We offer stability testing and a wide variety of durable films to ensure your products withstand the test of time through customer usage, maintaining the high-quality look and feel of your brand.

On Trend. On-Time.

It’s a challenge to stand out from the competition while keeping up with the ever-changing trends. We’ll help you meet your launch dates, fit all of the required regulatory copy on even the smallest containers, and still offer functional packaging that will look and feel fresh and relevant to your end consumer. No hassle. No more need for promotional packaging (unless you want it!). We’ve got you covered.

What is The Label Link?

Hi, we’re The Label Link, a label and flexible packaging company that knows all about the unique challenges faced by personal care brands. We’ve worked with household name brands with products on the shelves of big-box retailers, and have heard first-hand about the common and strenuous challenges in this unique space — and we’ve successfully answered them head-on, benefiting our brands’ product displays on store shelves and through online delivery.

Here’s What We Manufacture

Custom Labels

Labeling in the personal care market is unique. The colors need to be consistent across all SKUs and across your packaging. We work hard to ensure you fit all the regulatory copy onto your labels with a design that will enhance the look and feel of your packaging from the top down. Whether you need to match pump color or bottle top, we know how to ensure your labels do just that.

Flexible Packaging

The last thing your personal care brand wants is packaging that leaks, erodes, or weakens over time. We are experts in providing flexible packaging roll stock, from sachets and pouches to stick packs and more! Whatever your unique request, we can produce it while always working to ensure your packages look, feel, and function properly.

Functional Branding

Your labels and packaging don’t just have to look good. They also have to work well and meet the regulatory needs of the market. We know how to work with you to differentiate special shape containers, which can be hard to label, add sleeves, or ensure your regulatory copy fits on even the smallest labels, all while keeping your brand looking fresh and relevant to the end consumer.

How it Works


Discovery Call

Before we can make any recommendations for your personal care brand, we like to have a conversation and get to know your needs. We’ll talk through any unique challenges you’ve encountered and offer ideas for how to simplify your supply chain process.


Samples + Reviews

Once we’ve gotten to know your brand, we’ll send you samples and reviews so you can make the best decision for your company’s supply chain needs, schedule, and budget.


Create a Customized Plan

We’ll continue to serve as your partner, no matter what the industry throws our way. Whether it’s a quick shift to operating online rather than in stores or a new push with added launch date pressure, we’ll work as your partner to continuously create customized plans that’ll align with your goals.

Meet Rosalyn, Founder of The Label Link

After nearly 30 years in the labeling industry, it’s safe to say I have a keen eye for what it takes to recommend materials, troubleshoot application issues, and help brands build consistent aesthetics across numerous SKUs. Since founding The Label Link, I’ve helped major manufacturers who distribute their products in major retailers including Costco, Walmart, and Target.

Today, I strive to work with purposeful brands who operate out of ethos to deliver products that align with their customer’s and core values.