Roll vs. Sheet Labels

Custom Roll Labels

There are 2 kinds of ways that product labels are typically furnished:

Hand Applied Sheeted Labels

Commercial or flexographic printed sheet labels that you apply by hand, peeling and sticking your heart out.

Automatically Applied Roll Labels

Roll labels that are applied automatically by a machine. For the most part, pressure sensitive roll labels are designed to dispense by machine. link to labeling services page.

Because they’re automatically dispensed, roll labels can be applied to bottles, shaped containers or, of course, flat surfaces. All you need to know is which way you want the labels to face on your surface (also known as the “copy position”)..

If you can’t picture yourself peeling and sticking 100 or more labels onto your product, then roll labels may be right for your label print run. The quantity will also determine whether the price break favors sheeted labels or printed roll labels. And there are other considerations:

Which Do You Choose? Roll vs. Sheet

Roll Labels

Sheeted Labels

Suitable for Automatic Application

Designed for Hand Application

High Speed application for any size quantity

Slow application for low volume

More consistent/precise general placement, particularly on larger labels

Less accurate placement as labels get larger. May be ideal for precise registration of small cover up labels.

Can be ideal for quality control to prevents mix up with similar versions of labels by separating rolls.

Ideal for promotional giveaways

More cost effective application as volume increases

More cost effective on lower volume applications.