Adding Glitter or Hologram labels are a fantastic way to Stand Out

When staring at a shelf unsure of what product to buy, most consumers appreciate a little push in the right direction. The importance of your label giving your buyer the push she’s looking for cannot be overstated. That’s why some brands opt for 3D, eye-catching materials to jump in front of potential new customers.

Glitter and hologram labels are one of the best ways to capture the attention of shoppers. They stand out on the shelf, and they scream to be picked up. Once your product is in the hand of a customer, the chances increase dramatically that she’ll put it in her cart.

Here’s how to know if this unique style is right for your product.

Who Uses These Patterns?

Hologram designs and glittery sparkles are best used for very specific types of products. Most of the time you will find these patterns used on:

  • Beauty & Personal Care Products – Shampoo, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.
  • Food – Breath mints, supplements, energy drinks, etc.
  • Security Items – Apparel tags, high-cost goods, etc.
  • Children’s Products – Kiddie stickers, toy decals, etc.

These markets appeal to people who want to improve their life in some way. The shiny patterns found in hologram and glitter exude excitement. They make a buyer want to pick up the product, hold it, and learn about what it’ll do for her.

Each pattern has its own set of unique benefits. Here’s how you can use glitter and/or hologram patterns to catch your buyer’s eye.

Hologram Labels

If you’ve ever felt a label jump off a product and into your hands, chances are you were looking at one with a holographic label.

Holograms are prismatic silver foils used to create a 3D effect. There is a variety of hologram materials and patterns you can use to make your labels come to life, including iridescent:

  • Rainbows
  • Confetti
  • Frost
  • Crystals
  • Raindrops
  • Sparkles

When these hologram images are used in combination with your design, your graphics get instant shelf appeal.

One common misconception about holograms is that you have to use a sheet of material to achieve the effect. This is one way of using hologram labels, but there are others. You can also use a hot stamp foil ink and apply it directly to your labels in different patterns. By overprinting the holographic foil with the color of your choice, you can give your labels a metallic finish with pizzaz.

You can also use holograms on your product tags. If you’ve ever purchased an authentic sports team product, you’ve probably seen a print tag or label with a branded hologram logo. This is a standard symbol used to designate authenticity to the buyer. Because these brand holograms are custom, they’re costly, but not as expensive as the item itself.

Glitter Labels

Glitter labels are more often used with beauty products.

In the beauty industry, companies often use glitter to keep product lines fresh and updated. The nail polish industry often uses this to take existing colors and turn them into a new product by adding a glittery finish. When they do this, they need labels to accurately represent the product. This makes it easier for people to see what they’re buying without having to expose the product to the outside environment and jeopardize its quality.

Glitter labels can get tricky, especially when trying to match the exact color to the ink to give the same effect as the polish itself. Not all printing presses can handle printing glitter due to the heavy laydown requirement.

If your product relies on accurately representing the color inside, such as nail polish does, check with your printer to ensure they have the equipment to create the necessary glitter colors.

A Combination

Often you will find children’s products labeled with both hologram patterns and glittery designs. Children find this style of label captivating and are naturally drawn to its sparkling appeal.

A combination of hologram and glitter isn’t hard to produce. Talk to your printer about the design you want on your labels to decide the best way to combine these two patterns effectively.

Question:  Have you ever considered hologram or glitter labels? Let us know in the comments.

Both holograms and glitter can be highly effective when used on the right products. The trick is finding the right pattern to match your brand and the right color to match the product. If your printer can match your labels with what your design team has in mind, it’s worth taking the next step. You will have a better chance of grabbing your buyer’s attention and boosting your retail sales.

If you’re interested in a product like this, but you are unsure of your options, request samples today of various hologram and glitter labels to spark some inspiration.

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