You Only Have a Few Seconds, Don’t Let Time Run Out

Did you know that a visitor to a web site makes a decision whether or not to stay on that site in about three seconds?

If they don’t find what they’re looking for, or their attention isn’t kept, they’ll leave and go somewhere else.

This post isn’t to educate you about web design. But, there are a few things the web design world can teach Product Managers and General Managers in the food, supplements, and personal care product industries about effective design and packaging.

In the same way a site visitor judges the legitimacy of an online presence based on how the site looks, a buyer or retailer judges your company by your product label and packaging design.

In other words,

You Are What You Print on Your Product Labels

The fonts, colors, graphic elements, and types of packaging you use for your products are all small reflections of who you are as a company.

They express the personality traits of your brand and are, in essence, the DNA of your business identity, or a particular product.

So, before you roll out your next product to a store buyer, remember these tips:

  1.  Good packaging and label design makes your brand appealing.

In the web world, great sites make people excited about reading more or digging deeper into the site. Everything comes together to create an appealing experience.

   2.  Good packaging and label design adds credibility to your brand.

Everything from the type of labels you choose for your product, to the artwork layout, to the regulatory information and everything in between contribute to your credibility.

Ever notice a “secure checkout” badge when ordering something from an online retailer?

That’s an example of building credibility.

3.  Good packaging and label design grabs shoppers’ attention.

Competition is stiff as we mentioned in our previous post about the nutritional supplement and vitamins industry.

Test a few product and package design options in a small market sample to determine which resonates well with shoppers before spending huge amounts of money on an ineffective design. One great way to do this is through creating digitally printed labels.

Whether you like it or not, your design choices will leave an impression. Why? Because of how we’re wired as humans.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. That means that what we see in a store grabs our attention well before we read anything on the label.

Also, we remember visual images much longer than what we read because of how our brains process images versus text.

At The Label Link, we’re committed to walking you through the process of ensuring your product labels do exactly what we mentioned.

Email us a picture of your latest product concept for a free review with at least 3 ideas that will  help get your product into stores and off the shelves.

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