Four Top Sites When You Need Inspiration for Your Label Design

The Best Websites About Labels According to Us

You can’t force creativity. Yet when you’re under a tight deadline and want to get your products to market, you need as much creative genius as you can get. If you’re struggling to find the next big idea for your product packaging, you need inspiration.

Inspiration can be found in many different places. From watching television to browsing the aisles of your favorite store, seeing what other businesses are doing can help you find the right direction for your own projects. But tuning into commercials  or leaving your office to roam the town isn’t always a possibility.

Enter: A better way to inspire your inner creative genius – browsing the Internet.

There are a wealth of resources online ready for you to consume. Sifting through the noise to find quality places for inspiration isn’t always easy though. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite spots to go when trying to find new designs. Here are some of the best websites about label design & cool packaging ideas.

The Dieline

This is admittedly one of my all-time favorite sites. I can geek out on this page for hours looking at new design ideas.

One of the reasons why I love this site so much is the variety. They show a wide range of labels. Some of them have foil and embossed labels on the tops of water bottles while others show personal care product labels that must withstand high-moisture conditions. There are labels for all types of drink products too, including wine, coffee, and beer labels.

Every year The Dieline awards designers for their hard work. You can check out some of the most unusual and impressive designs by clicking on their awards link. These are chosen based on creativity, marketability and innovation, so you’re always sure to find the leading edge looks here.

Visit, play around and find new ideas for your next label project.

Paper Specs

Paper Specs is a commercial printer who focuses on a large range of printed materials – one of which is product packaging.

The website caters to professionals like you. Paper Specs knows its customers want fresh new ideas, which is why they’ve included a helpful area for educational and inspirational articles.

Click on the gallery to see what their customers have created. Many of the Paper Specs gallery items are on folding cartons or other marketing materials, such as business cards.  What many people don’t know is that these same effects can be created on labels.  This allows you to envision how you can integrate a seamless brand across all marketing channels.

Watch the videos or sign up for a webinar to learn more about design. They bring on new designers to discuss looks on a regular basis, so there’s always something new and fresh to view.

Their resources section is helpful too. It goes beyond packaging and offers tips about binding, paper, cuts and more. If you’re a little green when it comes to the world of print, you’ll appreciate having these resources handy.


On the surface, InkOnDaPaper might not seem like a robust website, but click around and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Get to know the brains behind the website by researching the writers for InkOnDaPaper, Brian and Jason. These two guys (and their team of guest writers) have pulled together inspiration from the most unlikely of places. Both have a background in design so you know they have an eye for images that inspire.

With those brains, the writers for the site offer tremendous educational opportunities for companies like yours. When designing something, it’s good to have an understanding print capabilities. By learning from these top-notch printers, you can better understand what’s available to your business while at the same time gleaning ideas from the trends and image galleries they discuss.

The images in their gallery include a unique variety of inspiration, such as wrapping paper for the holidays or comic book strips. Other images include advertisements and photographs. As you dig in, you’ll be amazed at how much this variety can help you pull out your own ideas to make a truly exclusive design for your label.


If you’ve never used Pinterest for inspiration, you’re in for a treat.

Pinterest is a social network where users can save (or “pin”) images for future inspiration. As you design your labels, Pinterest offers a wealth of inspirational imagery to help you find the perfect look for your products.

A few of our favorite Pinterest boards include:

Question: Where do you go to find label design inspiration?

Finding your inspiration online doesn’t have to be hard when you know where to look. Browsing these websites and sifting through other people’s boards on Pinterest is a great way to trigger your own creativity.

Do you need more direction for your next label project? Try browsing through our website too! We offer a variety of ideas in each of our blog posts. Each one is written to help you create the best label for your product.

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