10 Product Marketing Tips You Need To Know

10 Product Marketing Tips to Attract Buyers

You’ve worked hard to create an amazing product. Now it’s time to get it flying off the shelves and into the hands of your buyers. This last step is harder than it sounds. Product marketing can help.

Product marketing involves actively getting the attention of your buyers. There are certain tactics you can employ to make it easier for your buyers to notice your products. No tactic is better than the other. It simply depends on your product, your budget and what best fits in with your brand.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Offer Product Samples

People love getting free stuff. Not only does it make them feel good in the moment but it inspires the feeling of reciprocity. When your customer gets something for free, she’s more inclined to give something back in return.

Offering product samples is a great way to show your customer how much you stand behind your product. It inspires trust, which makes it easier for new buyers to buy.

If you need help creating your product samples, we’re here for you. The Label Link offers sachets, stick packs, small tubes or bottles and more to help you get your products in the hands of more potential buyers.

2. Run a Social Media Campaign

Most of the time, product marketing happens offline and in the store. Still, online marketing shouldn’t be ignored.

Run a social media campaign giving customers a reason to buy. Show pictures on Instagram of your product in action. Or, offer something a little more personal like Coca Cola did with their personalized product marketing campaign.

3. Hold a Contest

Contests are fun. Most consumers love a chance to win something new and exciting.

You can host your own contest on your product labels, encouraging customers to take a chance with you. This can be the difference between buying your product or buying a competitor’s.

Add scratch off labels to your products giving customers a chance to win when they buy. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it gets your products off the shelves.

4. Add QR Codes to Your Product Labels

Sometimes, you can’t fit all of the information you need on your labels. When that happens, adding QR codes can help.

Most shoppers have their smartphone within arm’s reach. All the shopper must do is scan your QR code and they’re met with more information. Include your company’s website or a video about your product to make it more enticing for the buyer and eliminate any objections while she’s in the store considering what you’re selling.

5. Use Your Nutrition Facts Labels

Most food and beverage items need a nutrition facts label. Yet most don’t utilize this space to market their product.

If you sell a product that has high protein or no fat, you have a unique selling point that you should highlight.

Use your product packaging to point out the healthy attributes of what you have to offer.

Consumers will see this and could choose yours as the healthier option.  

6. Add Hang Tags

Nothing gets a shopper’s attention like a 3-dimensional promotion. Using hang tags or neck labels, you can make your offer come to life. Include a discount code on the tags and you’ll give your buyer another reason to put your product in her cart.

7. Offer Instant Redeemable Coupons

Couponing is a popular pastime among shoppers. Why not bring that pastime to them in the store?

Instant redeemable coupons are attached to your product in the form of a sticker or a tear off coupon. Make it extra valuable by including a free recipe with a discounted offer.

Anytime you can save your customer money, she’ll thank you. Use this opportunity to encourage your buyers to opt for your product over the competition.

8. Use Aisle Violators

Aisle violators (also known as aisle invaders, shelf flags or interrupters) are popular ways to stop a customer in their footsteps. These tools stick out on the shelf drawing a customer’s attention to your product. They face outward, toward your customer so they’re harder to miss when a shopper is walking down the aisle. They’re also double sided, making them easy to see from both directions.

Use aisle violators to sell your product and reinforce your brand. Even if your customer isn’t ready to buy today, these aisle violators serve as excellent reminders of where a customer can buy from you next time she’s in the store.

9. Tell Your Customers to Walk the Way of Your Product With Floor Decals

It’s hard to get customers to stop in a grocery store. Most shoppers arrive with a list. They’re not always likely to deviate from the list unless something else catches their attention.

Floor decals are an excellent want to encourage customers to walk the way of your product. They’re usually large, which means they’re more likely to capture a buyer’s attention even from afar. Pair these with an instant redeemable coupon and you’ll give your buyer a new meal idea, making her more likely to buy from you time and time again.

10. Use Window Clings

Window clings are popular ways to market products to customers before they’ve made their decision about what to buy. They’re double sided, which means they’re able to be seen both on the inside and outside of your store. You can also use them in the freezer section or anywhere a person has to walk through a glass door to reach your product display.

To make your window clings work harder for you, include enticing imagery. For food and beverage products, this is key. The visuals you use can inspire a person’s appetite, making them lust after what you’re selling. It’s an easy way to capture your customer’s attention, even if she’s not looking for your specific product.

Question: Have you ever used these product marketing strategies?

Marketing your product in-store requires a little extra effort.  You need labels that stand out on the shelf and promotional items that encourage buyers to buy. Without this, you risk your product blending in and losing to the competition.

Want more ideas for product marketing? Check out our Stand Out Series to learn how you can boost your label’s appeal and stand out on the shelf.

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  1. Have a line sheet with all your products. Line sheets are one of the most important tools when showing you products to buyers without them they will all be asking you the same questions.

    Thanks for sharing the great content,

  2. I liked that you pointed out that having some decal can be a good way to market. I wouldn’t have thought about using floor decals. That does seem like a good way to bring people to the product.

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